Importance Of A Dog Crate


Irrespective of the age of the dog, a suitable dog crate can be of great benefit to the pet as a training tool as well as for the comfort and happiness of the dog.Dogs by nature always look for shelter even when they are indoors that is why they are mostly found lying under tables, chairs and beds.They feel more secure and comfortable when they have shelter above them.Therefore, it is very important that a dog is provided with a crate in an environment that is safe and easily cleaned and controlled.By nature, dogs prefer to avoid soiling their dens and therefore when a dog is provided with a crate, in a way, they are being trained to hold their bladder and be patient until they get to an appropriate place where they can relieve themselves.This is possible after a dog has reached between three to six months where they are able to hold their bladder and the pet owner may begin offering potty training to the dog.

The other crucial benefit of dog crates at is the prevention of destruction of property by the dogs when one is away.Dogs naturally like chewing and gnawing and if left to roam freely in the home, one might come home to find a lot of damaged property like pillows and clothing.However, with a dog crate, the dog is safely confined and the household items will not be damaged.

The decision to stop using the dog crate depends to a much extend on the nature and behavior of the dog.Some dogs only use the dog crate when they are puppies and will no longer be comfortable when they have matured.Some other dogs may use the crate even when they have grown mature as a place of their own where they feel safe and comfortable.For more facts and information about pet crates, go to

By nature, dogs also prefer to be near their masters.Therefore, it is recommended that the dog crate is placed near where daily activities in the homestead because they are naturally social animals.In order to prevent unnecessary barking of the dog, a dog cover should be used on top of it which reduces the visibility of the dog.This prevents the possibility of a dog barking for attention whenever they see their masters as a way of drawing their attention.The petcratesdirect xxl dog crate chosen and procured for the dog should be of the right size.Too large dog crates may not provide the security and comfort a dog wants to feel and at the same time, too small dog crate may make the dog feel uncomfortable.

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